Friday, July 30, 2010

Week 10: 19-23 July: The Final Week by Morgan Wampler

Monday marked the final week for 2010’s Maritime Field School program.  Crews continued taking the necessary measurements on the Swing Bridge site as well as the Centerboard site.  On the Swing Bridge site, profiles were taken of the hull for the site plan.  Students also mapped various areas of the vessel.  The Centerboard Schooner crew took the final measurements they needed of the frames and ceiling planking to finish their plan view site plan.  Despite the rough start to this five week period, the final week was a beautiful and everyone proved very productive day in the water.

Along with diving on these two wrecks, one group of students went with Professor Cook and Dr. Bratten to learn about magnetometer survey near the I-10 Bridge on the Blackwater River.  They made several passes but no major anomalies were located.  

On both sites, Tuesday, Wednesday, and most of Thursday was spent mapping and measuring in as many points as possible for the site plans.  In an ironic twist though, on Thursday, as one of the crews was returning from their day’s work, they stopped to dive on an area that the survey crew had previously found some machinery on.  As is the apparent field school tradition, they discovered a new wreck on the second to last day in the field!

Friday was spent as a final day to clean up at MSC, as well as allowing some students to take a final tour of the Centerboard site as well as visit the new wreck discovered on Thursday.  They attempted to delineate the site boundaries but were unsuccessful due to the complexity of the site and time limitations. However, much fun was had as they said their final farewells to Blackwater River.  Meanwhile back at MSC, the remaining students finished the site plans from the Centerboard site and the Swing Bridge site.  At the end of the day we all helped clean up MSC and did our final debrief.  We are all grateful for the crew at MSC, the supervisors, and professors for all of their wonderful assistance throughout the field season!

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